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What Makes You The Way You Are
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Enneagrams form a technology which allows us to understand human behaviour. And in a crowded world, understanding people and understanding social engineering is critical in giving humanity a path to the future. Paill forms the other unique human behavioural modifier in our world.

Our site proposes that the enneagram is based on genetics and on simple genetic inheritance.

The opioid receptors create the self pres/sexual/social subtypes.

Adrenergic, serotonergic and histaminergic genes give us the major personality numbers of the enneagram.

Who we are and what we do and how we do it are defined at our birth. It is almost impossible to change our behavioural programming. Is almost impossible to change the way we do things. We can learn a lot from our parents and this does give us learned skills, but genetics is paramount.

Who your children will be and how they will act is substantially defined by our choice of partner. We can only be who and what our genetics allows us to be.

Then there is a concept of Original Sin?

Our Family at the Beach
Our "Human" Family at the Beach

Enneagram genetic traits vary across populations – in effect creating a national population identity. A country is its people, and its people are its genetics. So much of what we are is rooted in the genetics of who we are. Many events in history are likely the result of the personality of the people within the nation – it enneagram genetics.

The enneagram personality genes dictate our personality, how we live our lives and perhaps even how successful our lives may be.These same genes  that dictate our personality also predicate the personality of our children. Know who you are and know who your children may be.


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